Yoga Retreat at The Hollinger House

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

We’re all about living your best life, which is why we’re here for you when you need some peace and restoration. It’s also why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Neida from Journey To Yoga to offer a rejuvenating yoga retreat at The Hollinger House!

Physical Health Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Just like a romantic getaway with your partner can reignite your relationship, a weekend of tending to yourself can light a spark of love that you can share with the world. And if that’s not your thing, at the very least you’ll leave feeling strong, relaxed and ready to live your dreams!

Enhanced balance & range of motion

Meditation Pose

Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat at The Hollinger House

Increased strength and muscle tone
Improved immune function
Alleviate lower back & neck pain
Improve diastolic blood pressure


Mental Health Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

Self care goes a long way towards conquering your world, one goal at a time. And I personally have found yoga to be an invaluable tool for keeping my mental and physical health in balance even during our busiest times. Greater self-awareness allows you to truly listen to your body, so you can better give yourself what you need to live a happy, healthy life.

Relieve depression symptoms
Alleviate anxiety
Improve sleep quality
Greater self-awareness
Improved self-confidence

Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat

Join us on June 22nd -24th, 2018 for a peaceful weekend of tending to you. Treat yourself to a private room at The Hollinger House and nourish your body with vegetarian breakfasts made from scratch with garden fresh veggies and local ingredients. Neida will lead the group in daily yoga and meditation sessions. She will also offer optional excursions to Historic Downtown Lancaster. Check out Lancaster Central Market, take a walking tour of our local art galleries and immerse yourself in a nature walk with a local birder and nature photographer. There will also be free time for shopping or pampering yourself with on-site reiki and massage at an additional cost.

Register before May 15th for the early bird price of $425 per person. May 16th through June 1st, 2018 registration prices are $450 per person. There are also discounts available for couples or friends sharing a room. Contact Neida Ratzlaff at to register today!