Lancaster In Bloom

With the snow finally melted and weather taking a turn for the sunny, we’re (hopefully) leaving the grey of winter behind for the vibrant colors of spring! Lancaster County and The Hollinger House Bed & Breakfast truly open up at this time of year, providing visitors with a seemingly endless supply of adventure, entertainment, and beauty. Take this trip with us as we detail a few detours on your trip.

Village Greens Gold Course

One of our favorite spots in Lancaster County, and a place where your innkeepers frequently duel, is Village Greens in Strasburg, PA. Only 15 minutes from The Hollinger House, Village Greens is an absolutely stunning miniature golf course that essentially doubles as a 23 hole garden with bright, colorful flowers, deep green ferns and foliage, winding creeks throughout, and even a few angry, but handsome geese. Take their Gold Course to experience that scenery, or enjoy their Orange Course for a more traditional miniature golf experience. We personally consider it one of the best afternoon date spots in the area.

Another personal favorite of ours, and a great way to see Lancaster County’s impressive and extensive Amish farmland is Strasburg Scooters. With tulips and daffodils ready to end their hibernation and greet you with their colorful smiles, taking a scooter tour through the countryside is almost a necessity to experience the pure spectacle of Lancaster County in early bloom. Strasburg Scooters offer multiple scooter options, from their adorable “Scoot Coupe” for two passengers, to their more traditional single or double seat scooters. Their guides are well-trained and offer unique details about the history and significance of Lancaster County and her Amish farmlands.

Our vegetable garden at The Hollinger House

Last, but surely not least, is The Hollinger House and its spring awakening! While the winter and its white snow paint a stark but beautiful backdrop on our 6 acre property, the spring is an exciting, if not busy time at our home. You’ll be sure to find us outside tending to our flower gardens and vegetable garden, as well as always trying to create that perfect path (and sound) for the water in our creek that runs alongside the entire property. As we write this, tulips and daffodils are waking up and ready to stretch out on a bright and warm day. We hope we can share our little piece of paradise with any and all who come to visit us this year. It truly is a joy to spread the love and positivity that this property exudes with all of our guests!