The Hollinger House Gardens

Spring is in full swing at The Hollinger House and we are loving every minute! Fresh green leaves and grass, colorful blooms, sunshine, fresh air and especially, getting our hands dirty to beautify more of our 6 acres of land each year.

This year, one of our projects has been on expanding the garden around our gazebo, and extending it further along the creek past the seating area. One of our favorite things to do this time of year is to have a glass of wine at the gazebo or the bench overlooking the creek to unwind in the evenings. We hope that our guests will also take advantage of this beautiful weather and share relaxing evenings in our expanded gardens with the ones they love! Don’t worry, we won’t intrude!

Another project for us has been clearing brush from along one of the retaining walls on the property. This has allowed us to expose more of the original handcrafted stonework that makes this property special. And provides for more space for leisurely strolls or even picnics!

While I love to wander through the many varieties of vibrant flowers, my favorite garden is our vegetable garden! We are so excited to bring organic, homegrown produce back into our breakfasts every year over the spring, summer and into the fall. Juicy tomatoes, fresh zucchini, and crunchy bell peppers will find their way into savory meals while fresh basil, parsley, mint, and hot peppers make flavors pop!

Our spring is filling up fast! If you’d like to join us for this beautiful season, make your reservation today. And as always, book direct for the best rates! We hope to see you soon!